S3 Titan + Bobina Extra

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  • The S-reel is the "workhorse" of the Vosseler line. It is equipped with a self-lubricating, powerful linear disc-drag which can be adjusted precisely using an easily grasped drag control knob. In operation the reel has a distinctive clicking sound.
  • Originally developed for salmon fishing, the S-reel's rugged design is now also widely appreciated by saltwater fly fisherman.  It is an easy match for salmon and steelhead, Baltic trout and Caribbean Tarpon.
  • Vosseler's salmon expert Andre Scholz has supported Vosseler actively in making this reel as practical and functional as possible. It has a closed cage to protect the internal parts against knocks, and may be braked by hand. 
  • The crank and drag control knob is designed in the most efficient manner. The reel foot is oval-shaped, so that long leaders may be wound securely around it. Spools are nicely counterbalanced. 
  • The S-Series is extremely robust' yet, thanks to additional boring and the use of the most modern production materials, it is a lightweight in its class!